Meet the new Single Player MMORPG

Erenshor's goal is to bring the MMORPG experience into a single player setting. Erenshor drops the player into a massive world, populated by NPCs and monsters. It features thousands of items, quests, and secrets to discover among the secluded hills, forests, caves, meadows, and more.


The whole game is enhanced beyond the normal RPG experience by the presence of our signature Simulated Players. They'll be your group mates, your competition, your raid buddies, and your friends. Maybe someday, they'll be your guild mates and together you'll be tackling the hardest foes Erenshor has to offer.

Growing as an individual means growing as a 'server'.

The day you fire up your game of Erenshor for the first time is the first day the server is 'live'. The Simulated Players are young and low in numbers. They'll be working through the tutorial island of "Stowaway's Step" right along side you and one by one you'll trickle onto the mainland where there are new discoveries to be made.


You may find extra gear, weapons, and spells that you do not need. You can share them with your simulated friends! Help the paladin get better armor, help the Arcanist find a truly powerful staff, and you'll benefit from their increased power every single time you group or raid with them.

Politics, Religion, and Lore

The game is set in a world with a rich history. Players will eventually find themselves on a newly settled continent where many of the world's factions are coexisting in a tense, but peaceful existence.


However, this new continent called Erenshor seems to be attracting a strange increase in activity from followers of Sivakaya, The Goddess of Destruction and the reasons why are not known. In order to weigh its options on further expansion onto the mainland, the Erenshor Government has closed ports to new settlers and adventurers and is condensing its power in the city of Port Azure.

Your involvement is optional

The player who does not want to quest or study lore does not have to get involved in the politics of Erenshor. Much of the game's content will not be gated behind lengthy grinds or obscure quests and will be accessible simply by being powerful enough to withstand its challenges.


Play Erenshor your own way. If you want to dig into the world history, there's a wealth of it available for the taking. If you want to grind out loot and treasure, then you'll have plenty of opportunity to do that, too.

Thousands of Items, Quests, and Secrets to Uncover

Rare spawns. Rare drops. Hidden quests and obscure story lines - all of it is yours to discover. Find the best-in-slot items as you go and watch your character grow in power and ability. Unearth incredible weapons and armor with particle effects, and special abilities tied to them, and marvel at what you can suddenly do.

Developed for the 'working gamer'.

We're gamers who can't game like we used to. We miss MMORPG gameplay - the power growth, the raids, the thrill of getting stronger...


In Erenshor, you can revisit those feelings at your own pace and on your own time. Have to leave a raid early? Have to ditch your group for family time? Do it! Nobody will hold it against you and you can pick up where you left off next time.


Game on your own terms. Not on a schedule.